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Client Acclamation
What the clients think of our service

“Dynamics Support systems is an information technology resource able to assess precise business needs and select a course of action based on those needs … able to define requirements and make sure that the final solution complies with all business constraints.”

William Hays
Engineering Manager
Commercial Timesharing Inc.

“Greg has proven himself to be a very versatile member of our team and is always ready to take on a new challenge. His depth of experience, natural inquisitiveness, and ability to break complex projects down into actionable steps has been very valuable to our team.”

Chad R. Symens
President & CEO
Rainmaker Group

“We have many people eager to receive their work assignments and thanks to the automated office Access application we now have in place I can accurately and consistently produce the referral slip and payroll paperwork in 7 seconds.”

Dave Kirven
Pipefitters Local 94